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Our Official In-Person opeining is starting October 26th!

Join us for our latest circulating exhibition featuring local Ottawa artists and creatives

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Previous Events

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Virtual Exhibition with Canterbury Visual Arts

Masked is a show that explores the experiences of young artists during the pandemic. The impacts of Covid-19 have resulted in many artistic opportunities and experiences being cut short, especially for youth, so The Niche Ottawa Gallery has responded by providing a space for the sharing of these experiences and the exploration of youth artist's resilience. Resilient these students truly are, not only bravely facing this past year but by carrying on with and developing their creativity and craft. The visual arts students of Canterbury High School were enthusiastic to have a show and ultimately came up with the concept of Masked, to represent the face mask we all must wear during this pandemic but also for the emotions one has masked in this difficult year. When entering the virtual exhibition, many factors were implemented to provide all seeing this show with the closest to in person at The Niche Ottawa Gallery, as possible, providing this developed body of works, testimonials/discussion from the artists, a curated playlist of songs that helped the artists throughout quarantine, and community uplift by means of a donation to the local charity of the Odawa Native Friendship Center Covid Relief fund. So much heart on the part of the gallery and our artists went into this show so we hope you enjoy this virtual experience.

Masked visual by : Jenna Hong


"I think that everyone’s experience with COVID-19 has been different and yet it has all brought us together in a way that no one would expect. These past months have been so incredibly hard on all of us and it’s important that we acknowledge that and take time to care for ourselves. That is where art plays a role in my life. Over the pandemic, I have found peace and tranquillity in my art. I create art for myself and it is something that I’ve really embraced doing over the past year. All of this free time by myself has really allowed me to explore and play with other mediums, which is something I usually wouldn’t do. I'm also very lucky to be able to take multiple different art classes in school, allowing me to create art for school and for myself. Having time in class to do artwork I’m very passionate about has been an absolute blessing and has been something I’ve really cherished over the pandemic. I believe that now more than ever it’s really important to surround yourself with things that make you happy and for me, that’s making art!"

-Anika Sorkilmo

Fiercely Whimsical Beginnings - Fall 2019 Circulating Show

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