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Welcome to the Niche Ottawa Gallery!
The Niche Ottawa Gallery is an inclusive and growing gallery space for Ottawa creatives. This gallery is home to artists of all fields and styles. Our goal is to foster community through art and common creative interest.


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Morgan Hamilton-Kirk



"When looking back on history, it is extremely evident that the grand movements of arts and culture would be birthed after periods of conflict and disparity. These were movements that defined times and touched people's souls. Minds expand in the face of artistic expression as it is the purest and most consumable means to share perspectives and feed openmindedness. The sharing of people's perspectives is exactly what leads to a flourishing society. At The Niche, I believe the accessibility and comfort our space provides are essential to the enjoyment and strengthening of creative community thoughtfulness."- M.H-K.

Visit us today and Find your Niche!

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